Question: What Is AOD In Hospital?

What does AOD stand for in a hospital?

AOD in MedicalAODAlcohol and Other Drugs + 1 variant Healthcare, Psychiatry, GovernmentAODAdministrator on Duty Psychiatry, Education, New YorkAODArterial Occlusive Disease Pathology, Technology, DiseaseAODAirway Obstructive Disease + 1 variant PulmonaryAODAirway Obstructive Diseases Respiratory15 more rows.

What does AOD?

Always-On Display or AOD is a feature available on certain Samsung smartphones. AOD allows you to customise your screen to show time, date, battery status, notifications, screen savers and more. It is important to know that AOD does consume energy.

What’s the acronym for hospital?

Rate it: HOSPITAL. Home Of Sick People In Treatment And Life. Medical.

What is the abbreviation for inpatient?

INPTINPTAcronymDefinitionINPTInpatientINPTInfrastructure Nationale Partageable des Transmissions (French: National Shared Transmissions Infrastructure)INPTIndigenous Nationalist Party of Tripura (India)INPTIn-Port3 more rows

What is full form of AOD?

Abbreviation : AOD AOD – Arterial Occlusive Disease. AOD – Arteriosclerotic Occlusive Disease. AOD – Aviation Officer of the Day. AOD – Argon Oxygen Decarburization.

What are AOD issues?

Key factors affecting the AOD sector include politics, funding, philosophies, factional battles, research findings, personalities, changes in drug availability and changes in the demographics of people who use. Importantly, all of these factors are interrelated and impact on each other.