Quick Answer: Can You Really Go To Jail For Lying At MEPS?

What happens if you lie on MEPS?

Don’t lie at MEPS.

That’s just all the more reason to disqualify you.

If you lie at MEPS for something like asthma, because you haven’t had an asthma attack in a while, and you get caught having one during training, you’ll get questioned immediately.

You don’t want to go through that whole process again..

Can you get a dishonorable discharge for lying at MEPS?

A dishonorable discharge is you essentially committing a serious felony. Getting caught lying at MEPS will not result in this. … A dishonorable is a felony. And yes felonies usually make it harder in life.

What disqualifies MEPS?

As mentioned previously, there are dozens of conditions that can disqualify you at MEPS. They include dental issues, eye / ear issues, hearing problems, and heart problems.

Does the military check your mental health records?

Originally Answered: Does the military actually look up your records unless you mention something? They are unable to look up your medical records and know nothing about you unless you tell them. IF you choose this route, you have to maintain your “no” answers through MEPS and bootcamp.

What should you not tell recruiters?

Don’t tell your recruiter if you have a spot or blemish on your resume, like the fact that you left a past job under unfriendly circumstances. Tell your best friend anything you want, but don’t start to believe that the recruiter is your new best friend. The recruiter has a financial interest in seeing you hired.

Do recruiters take you to MEPS?

Before Entry Processing You’re headed to a military entry processing station, or MEPS, where you will be accepted or disqualified for service. … Then, the recruiter will drive you to the nearest MEPS or put you on a military shuttle that takes you there.

Can you go to jail for lying at MEPS?

No. You can’t. They just send you home with an entry level separation. It’s not really negative, but if you lied, then they would classify it as Fraudulent Enlistment which will absolutely affect your ability to get a job with the military and bar you from reenlisting.

Do recruiters tell you to lie at MEPS?

Now in my experience, most recruiters are very honest. The one’s who ask people to lie like this are normally already in trouble with their recruiting service so they think having you lie won’t hurt you or them. … Please don’t lie to MEPS. You will not get into trouble if you tell them the truth NOW.

Can MEPS pull Medical Records 2020?

The only civilian medical records MEPS cares about are those related to pre-existing issues that you have to have a waiver for. … You can’t use a regular computer, clinics don’t bother, and medical records departments won’t help.

Do I get paid for MEPS?

When Do I Get Paid? You’re in the military and entitled to receive military pay at the time you take the final oath at MEPS. … Military members are paid twice each month — on the 1st and 15th of each month.

Which boot camp is hardest?

Navy boot camp changes giving recruits more sleep and less marching are generating buzz among members of other services, particularly the Marine Corps, which prides itself on having the toughest basic training.

How hard is it to pass MEPS?

MEPS is easy. You simply take a physical and pass the physical. And do a lot of paperwork. As for as what you can do, that generally means being in shape going to your delayed entry program meetings.