What Lipstick Goes With GREY Eyeshadow?

What color lipstick goes best with green eyeshadow?

Green Eyeshadow + Pale Berry Lipstick “Berry tones,” Hughes says.

“Either pale or deep berry shades will work.” Recreate Hughes’ berries-and-cream shade, above, with MAC Cosmetics’ Crosswires matte lipstick..

How do you match eyeshadow blush and lipstick?

Never let your blush and lipstick clash. Keep your lips and blush in the same color tone (i.e. warm or cool). Mismatching the color tones in blush and lipstick is jarring and can make one look a bit under the weather. If you’re wearing a blue-toned red lipstick, stick to a blush with rose or cool pink undertones.

What eyeshadow goes with berry lipstick?

Berry Lipstick. Pair it with neutral eyeshadows—think smokey charcoal greys, bronze, browns, or golds, then really load up on the lashes.

What color eyeshadow do you wear with red lipstick?

Gold – Gold is one of the best eyeshadow colors when wearing red lipstick because it always exudes Hollywood and red carpet vibes! Bronze – If you aren’t crazy about gold, bronze is your best bet for a classy glam! Bronze is another stunning eyeshadow color that goes with red lipstick.

What Colour eyeshadow goes with GREY dress?

Grey is quite neutral and you can try many different looks. Simply wear black eyeshadow or go with a classy smokey eye look. Try different shades of blue like light blue, dark blue, or do some experiments with purple shades. Dark red shades will also go nice with grey.

Why are GREY eyes so rare?

Gray eyes are super rare This is because gray eyes are one of the rarest eye colors in the world. … Most of the world has shades of brown eyes, while gray, blue, hazel, and green eyes are typically only found in people who are of European ancestry.

How do I choose the right eyeshadow for my skin tone?

When you contour your eyes, choose eye shadow that is only a few shades darker than your skin color. You don’t want the color of your eye shadow to overwhelm the rest of your face. If you have a dark complexion, you should avoid eye shadow with an ashy or white color.

Does purple lipstick look good?

Tip #1: Purple Lipstick Is Universally Flattering That means it really does work for everyone. … The beauty rules go like this: Go with light, cool purples like lavender and lilac for fair skin. “Typically, the cool tones complement the cooler tones of fair complexions,” says Ciucci.

What eyeshadow goes with blue lipstick?

BLUE LIPSTICK FOR MEDIUM SKIN TONES Work in some playful drama with blue lipstick. Then, complement it with bronze eyeshadow!

What color lipstick goes with silver eyeshadow?

PINK LIPSTICKSILVER EYE SHADOW + PINK LIPSTICK. Another of our favorite metallic eye shadow shades is silver—and it turns out that it pairs beautifully with a hint of pink lipstick.

What color goes good with purple eyeshadow?

Generally, the color goes really well with brown, green and hazel. Lavender and deep purple shades can also look good on all types of complexions. Remember, the bolder the look you’re searching for, the deeper the shade of purple you’re likely to require.

Should my lipstick match my dress?

The answer is yes! However we do not recommend going for an exact match lest it looks too overly coordinated. Try finding a lip colour that is a shade darker than your clothes for starters. … When matching your lipstick to your outfit, it is highly important to take note of the lip product’s finish.

How do you pair eyeshadow colors?

THREE BASIC RULES OF PAIRING EYESHADOWS TOGETHERAlways include a neutral – Using a neutral eyeshadow along any brighter shades you may use will keep the look more wearable and tone down the overall look.Always mix your finishes – Eyeshadows come in finishes, shimmer and matte.More items…

What color eyeshadows go together?

Look for shades that are in the same color family like lavender, violet, and plum or beige, soft brown, and deep brown. You also want to have a light, medium, and dark shade. These colors will complement each other while still offering enough variation for your eye makeup to really stand out.

What eyeshadow goes with gray?

To make grey eyes appear more green… Reach for eye makeup colors like red-brown, pink, wine, maroon, plum or purple.

What color lipstick goes with purple eyeshadow?

Perfectly Purple Pretend your purple eyeshadow is a liner and use it to draw an angled shape around the perimeters of your eyes. A neutral pink blush and lip color are good counterpoints regardless of your shadow shade.

Does purple eyeshadow go with red lipstick?

Purple Eyeshadow & Red Lipstick “One of my favorite color pairings is purple shadow on the eyes and a bold red lip,” Mayo shares. “Think Jessica Rabbit — the ultimate glamour.” Opt for a pastel shade of purple, like lavender or amethyst, to keep the overall vibe low-key.

Does eyeshadow have to match your outfit?

Eyeshadow, whether it’s a bold look or not, should never be matched with the color of your outfit. … Striking colors, color blocking, and patterns are fabulous choices for clothes, so if your outfit is adventurous, stick with neutral eyeshadow shades: brown, gold, beige, or soft pink.

Should your eyeshadow match your lipstick?

Shop The Look Whether you opt for matte or shimmery shadows, either one will work with the lipstick color. … If you’re going for a strong eye, it’s a good idea to have more than one shade of your desired color on hand. “When I am creating a strong eye makeup look, I tend to team my eyeshadows,” says Ferriera.